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Rick Moore

IT Networking Consultant

DOF Creations is proud to announce the hire of our newest IT Networking Consultant, Derrick “Rick” Moore, MBA, CISSP.
Rick Moore is an experienced networking professional who’s done everything from being “boots on the ground” to shaping policy and practice as a leader. He’s built a diverse background in networking technologies working extensively with Juniper, Extreme, and a host of other networking partners.
With his previous experience as a leader, his knowledge of networking isn’t limited to working as an extra set of hands on a keyboard. His time in leadership has taught him the technical impact the network can have on other departments, but also navigating the delivery of business outcomes to varied leaders and the units they support.
He understands not just implementation, but also the preparation and planning to build a holistic solution with its impact and the end goal in mind. Rick’s passion is building highly-effective, resilient networking solutions to power your technical and business goals.

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