Past Events

Past Event Replays

Past Event Replays


Full Replay: DOF & Pensando Event: Aruba Flips the Switch With Network Security at Your Fingertips Expand

Switching Security Pricing Sample From DOF Expand

Switching to Security Functionality Expand

Aruba Pensando Plays Well With Others Expand

A Firewall on Every Port Expand

Security in a Switch Expand

The Rundown on Finding Your Grant Expand

K-12 Cyber Seminars

Full Replay: K-12 Cyber Seminars: Common Concerns: What’s Keeping K-12 Leadership Up at Night Expand

Full Replay: K-12 Cyber Seminars: Coordinate and Plan Ahead for Rapid Response and Reduced Exposure Expand

Next Steps to Collaboration Expand

A Template for Incident Response Planning Expand

More Funding in K-12 Expand

Superintendents: You and Your Team Must Act Expand

Strengthening the Superintendent-CIO Relationship Expand

DOF Creations: Discussing CIO and Cybersecurity Strategies Expand

Defense in Depth (DiD): Make your Technology Work Together Expand

Superintendents Get (Cyber) Ready Expand

Casual Hackers Buy a Hack in a Box Expand

The Digital Mafia: Worry About a Different Kind of Gang Expand

Cyber Insurance and Federal Dollars for IT Security Expand


Full Replay: DOF Creations & Fortinet Webinar – Defense In Depth Expand

DOF’s Cybersecurity Template For K12 Schools Expand

How Do We Get to Segmentation & ZTNA Expand

Grant Identification Basics Expand

Limits to IT Innovation (Managed and Cloud) Expand

The Diversity of Devices & Defense Demands Expand

The Failed M&M Approach (An Alternative to Building a Hard Security Shell with a Soft Inside) Expand

The Myth of 4 Walls & The Hybrid Evolution Expand

ZTNA & DiD Defense in Depth A Brief Overview Expand

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