Network Microsegmentation

Network Microsegmentation

Securing east-to-west traffic within your network enables IT administrators to gain more granular control over applications and workloads. Using a micro-segmentation architecture each security zone gets its own service, custom-designed to suit the needs of that specific segmentation of the network.

If you want to achieve true application segmentation, micro-segmentation is a good choice. It allows you to isolate the workloads of individual applications. With this in place, you can prevent the lateral movement of threats, trapping them within the isolated segment that houses the application of the threat targeted.

Micro-segmentation also provides superior visibility into the network. Because you can isolate individual segments and monitor each one using a specific dashboard, you can customize your alert and alert management systems on a segment-by-segment basis.

You can, for example, apply micro-segmentation to a specific device or set of devices based on who will be using them, which could provide granular visibility into the activity happening within each component that has been micro-segmented.

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