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Unifying technology is what we do best, let us systemize your solutions for your school by implementing tools uniquely tailored to your needs.

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DOF collaborates and consults with innovators in the education space to design and integrate technology solutions in K-12 classrooms. DOF will help make the most of your ed-tech budget and create effective systems to foster learning, creativity, and collaboration.


Designed and manufactured by Pathway Innovations (the makers of HoverCam) eGlass is an illuminated glass lightboard with an integrated camera that captures the instructor’s face and writing in the same window, dramatically increasing student engagement online and in-class. Now students can see the writing and their teacher’s facial expressions, gestures, and gaze, all in the same window, which research shows is a critical factor in students’ ability to acquire and retain knowledge.

Clear Touch

Interaction designed for all learning styles. Clear Touch’s® interactive panels are user-friendly and feature-rich. Perfectly suited for in-class or remote instruction for all grade levels, our panels and integrated software bring learning to life.

SMART Technologies (coming soon)

SMART interactive displays are designed to provide the simplicity teachers need, with industry-leading touch and ink capability that allows users to walk up and use their displays from day one.

The result? SMART Board interactive displays are used more easily, more effectively, more collaboratively.

Cyber-Safety for Students

DOF combines world-leading technology with world leaders in online safety education, IT administration, teaching, and student safeguarding. Our goal is to protect student well-being and help schools, students, and families develop better digital habits and better communities.

Student Wellbeing: Student wellbeing and culture platform with quick, 60-second weekly check-ins and historical trend data.

Student Threat Detection: Smart monitors are a student safety threat detection platform that enables school partners to identify students who are at-risk to harm themselves or others.

  • Reduce false positive red flags with full-screen captures and human moderators that assess encrypted activity for context.
  • Detect potential risks across key safety categories (including violence, self-harm, and bullying). Monitor risk-assesses student activity across Google, O365, offline documents, web chat, social media, and more.
  • Receive real-time notifications to ensure timely intervention when needed; our human moderators work 24/7, 365 days a year to alert you to students at risk in your district.
Parental Control App: World-leading parental control app that gives parents control and visibility into personal and student-issued devices.
Digital Education: Providing cyber safety education and tools, including a parent app, to engage your school community.
Hybrid Web Filtering: Cloud managed, hardware-optional, scalable, multi-OS supporting content filter.
Student Threat Detection: The most advanced K-12 student threat detection tool available.

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