School Safety

Vape Detection

Capture vape events. Take action. Improve health and safety.

Prevent Vaping to Maintain a Safer and Healthier Environment

Address the ongoing student vaping epidemic with integrated system of Cameras, Air Quality Sensors and more. Add visibility to data-based insights to more accurately detect, prevent and manage vaping.

How Verkada Helps Detect and Deter Vaping

Get a greater level of vape detection with the Verkada system of sensors, cameras and more.


Deploy sensors for maximum coverage

Verkada air quality sensors monitor high-risk areas like bathrooms, locker rooms, and hallways without infringing on privacy.

Utilize a natively integrated system

Connect Verkada cameras to your sensor to efficiently investigate vape usage and improve safety.

Configure alerts to stay ahead

Set up configurable alert thresholds and notify administrators via SMS or email.

Respond to events as they occur

Review historical event footage and get the insights you need to take action.

Log events over time

Verkada’s system tracks vaping events over time, so you can identify patterns and investigate as needed.

Simple Setup

Easy-to-install, fully integrated vape detection system that you can manage from anywhere, on any device.

Automated Alerts

Set up event thresholds based on the conditions in your environment and receive SMS and email alerts as vape events happen


Deploy units with or without audio and pair with Verkada Cameras to detect vape events in a privacy respecting manner.

School Security Camera Systems

Get complete visual coverage inside and out with FortiCameras. With options for indoor and outdoor, vandal-proof, weatherproof, low-light night vision, fixed and motorized zoom lenses, and two-way audio, there’s a FortiCamera for every environment.

FortiCamera security cameras are easy to set up and license-free. Just connect the camera to the FortiRecorder network via a PoE switch and you’re up and running. No software installation, no patches and, unlike
using third-party cameras, no license fees.

FortiCamera is completely integrated with FortiRecorder video recorders and the AI-powered FortiCentral video management software (VMS). This integrated video surveillance solution gives you centralized control and optimized visibility all in one single place.

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