ESSER Funding

ESSER Funding

Funding from ESSER can be used on:

Technology and Connectivity: ESSER funds can be used to purchase devices (such as laptops or tablets) and provide internet connectivity for students and staff to support remote and hybrid learning, including:

Devices for Students and Staff: ESSER funds can be used to purchase laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, or other computing devices for students and staff members. These devices enable remote learning, online instruction, and educational activities that require technology.

  1. Internet Connectivity: ESSER funds can be used to provide internet connectivity solutions for students who lack access to high-speed internet at home. This may include purchasing Wi-Fi hotspots or supporting initiatives to expand broadband access.
  2. Technology Infrastructure: Funds can be allocated to upgrade and expand technology infrastructure within schools. This may involve improving Wi-Fi networks, increasing bandwidth, and enhancing network security to support digital learning.
  3. Digital Content and Educational Resources: Schools can purchase digital textbooks, e-books, multimedia content, and online resources to enhance the educational experience for students. These resources can supplement traditional textbooks and materials.
  4. Cybersecurity Measures: Given the increased reliance on technology, funds can be used to strengthen cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive student and staff data from cyber threats.
  5. Interactive Whiteboards and Classroom Technology: Schools can invest in interactive whiteboards, projectors, and other classroom technology tools that support both in-person and remote learning experiences.
  6. Distance Learning Resources: Schools can invest in solutions to keep teachers and students connected, including softphones and VOIP solutions; alerting solutions to keep parents, students, and teachers, connected; LMS platforms; etc.

As educational challenges continue to evolve, we’ve helped our schools manage problems from school connectivity and communications solutions for distance learning to digital teaching resources for the classroom, and IT support across campus when short-staffed.

At DOF, we build a custom solution for each district they support. Some require help to find and manage federal funding, while others need them to work side by side on a unique technology problem. We are always willing to adjust as your needs and challenges do.

We’ve become that grant resource. Through our many grant partnerships, we help our customers simplify the grant process from start to finish and take away the time draining, painful efforts that make most potential applicants shy away from the grant altogether. Because of this, millions of dollars a year are left unspent and un-won. Instead of saying “uncle” and walking away from funding that can support vital and transformative projects for you and your organization, let us help you.

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