CIO Survey

CIO Survey

After reading the CIO Council’s Handbook for Small Agency CIOs and Executives, please take the survey below in regards to the following statements.

A Short Outline of the Federal Government’s Areas of Focus for Federal CIOs

  1. Major priorities in IT currently: Cybersecurity (Zero Trust); IT modernization (IPv6 and Cloud Smart); Digitization (for the Customer experience); and Data as strategic asset
  2. Most common challenges for an IT leaders at a smaller entity: limited resources, access to timely information, and (for public sector leaders) awareness of public sector resources, services and organizations
  3. Staffing Challenges: Many staff, including executives, have multiple roles; forced to regularly analyze “tradeoffs to manage time”; not enough “technical expertise” on staff; face “constant change”; “diversity of work area responsibilities and tasks”
  4. Your essential job function as an IT leader at a small entity: your foundational responsibilities are to ensure basic IT operates reliably and meets or exceeds your customers’ expectations

The guidebook seems to think that it’s easy to “Establish technical credibility via a high-functioning IT organization.”
Fix Problems. If the core IT functions are not meeting high standards, focus on immediate, high visibility issues as your first priority (before working on IT strategy).
Get a team. Bring together (or assemble) your IT team. Identify key roles and skills, and identify gaps. Identify individuals who can lead and manage teams or workstreams.
a. Deliver a quick win!
Establish performance metrics for IT.

Do you agree or disagree with the following? (1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree)

Cybersecurity (Zero Trust)

IT Modernization (IPv6 and Cloud Smart)

Digitization (for the Customer experience)

Data as a Strategic Asset

Limited Resources

Access To Timely Information

(For Public Sector Leaders) Awareness Of Public Sector Resources

Services And Organizations

Many Staff, Including Executives, Have Multiple Roles

Forced To Regularly Analyze "Tradeoffs To Manage Time

Not Enough "Technical Expertise" On Staff

Face "Constant Change"

Diversity Of Work Area Responsibilities And Tasks

Your Foundational Responsibilities Are To Ensure Basic IT Operates Reliably And Meets Or Exceeds Your Customers’ Expectations

If The Core IT Functions Are Not Meeting High Standards: Focus On Immediate, High Visibility Issues As Your First Priority (Before Working On IT Strategy).

It is Essential to Bring Together (Or Assemble) Your IT Team. Identify Key Roles And Skills, And Identify Gaps. Identify Individuals Who Can Lead And Manage Teams Or Workstreams.

It is Essential to Establish Performance Metrics for IT.