Centralized Ticketing and Asset Management

Centralized Ticketing and Asset Management

  • Centralized Ticketing and Asset Management covers several aspects of IT operations and cybersecurity through:
    • Asset Inventory to have a comprehensive inventory of hardware and software assets and identify potential vulnerabilities, such as outdated software or hardware, and take appropriate actions to mitigate them.
    • Vulnerability Management to track vulnerabilities discovered on an organization’s assets and prioritize vulnerabilities so they’re patched or mitigated quickly.
    • Incident Management to track security incidents such as malware infections, data breaches, and unauthorized access attempts (for rapid response, containment, and to prevent them from spreading).
    • Compliance Management to help organizations comply with various regulatory requirements related to cybersecurity (it can be used to track security controls and generate reports for auditors).
    • Access Control to manage user access to assets and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Private Access Service Edge (PASE) or Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based network security framework that combines security and networking functionalities into a single, integrated platform. This provides secure access to cloud applications and resources from any location, without requiring users to connect to a VPN (which is vital as the use of the Cloud and Cloud-based resources continues to grow).
    More and more manufacturers provide single-ecosystem tools to support these efforts. Because PASE/SASE routes all traffic through a cloud-based security platform, it can provide a comprehensive set of security services (including firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, data loss prevention, and secure web gateways) delivered from the cloud. This gives you:
    • Increased Security
    • Improved User Experience
    • Simplified Management
    • Better Visibility
    • Increased Agility

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