VOIP & Back Office Support

Unifying technology is what we do best. Let us solve complex problems by implementing tools uniquely tailored to your needs. At DOF, we pride ourselves on streamlining technology and staff training to support and optimize vital operations.

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DOF Implements the latest and most effective VOIP technology in your organization to increase efficiency and maximize effectiveness. We evaluate your organization and create custom solutions to help streamline communication, lower costs, reduce network load, and most importantly, simplify your communication systems for all users.

Audio & Video Management

DOF Solutions Audio and Visual management services eliminate the stress of implementing complex Audio and Video systems yourselves. Whether you are working with multiple audio components and integrations or setting up video networks for easy communication, DOF has you covered.

Record Management

Our company offers comprehensive digital record management services to help organizations efficiently and securely store, organize, and access important electronic and physical records. Our services include advanced data encryption, regular backups, and secure access controls to ensure the integrity and security of our client’s records.

We also offer a range of tools and services to help clients comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR. In addition to traditional record storage and organization, we offer a range of digital tools and services to help our clients streamline their record management processes. These include cloud-based document management systems, electronic document signatures, and automated workflow tools.

Overall, our digital record management services are designed to help our clients improve the efficiency, security, and compliance of their record management processes. By partnering with us, our clients can focus on their core business operations, knowing that their records are being managed effectively and securely.

VOIP & Back Office Support

Back office and administrative resources aren’t often flashy, but provide incredible power connecting staff and supporting vital operations. DOF recognizes the value they bring to you, your team, and the individuals and organizations you support.

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